Ambrey Zubrowski


The Omokanye Family – Baby Ayo David 2021

I am excited to share this family session featuring a sweet newborn! Baby Ayo David made his appearance in the fall and it was such a fun session getting to photograph this photogenic family with their newest family member. I love doing sessions with repeat clients and watching their children and families grow! Seeing them grow from a family of three to a family of four is so special.

My husband and I met Jenna and Seyi a few years ago and they have made such an impact on our lives! We treasure their friendship and are so thankful to know them. They are the kind of people who deeply invest in the lives of other people. Their daughter, Ara, is so sweet and spunky and she is going to be a world changer one day! Ara is such an awesome big sister who fiercely loves and will always protect her little brother. After waiting months as sweet Ayo grew in Jenna’s belly, I loved finally getting to meet him! Just look at his sweet face and full head of hair! I am so excited to watch him grow! He doesn’t even know what an incredible family that he has been born into.

I have learned that these sweet babies grow so quickly and you have to savor all of the snuggles with them while you can! My son Luke will become a one-year-old in a month and wow, did that happen fast! Mamas, cuddle and love on your little ones because every day, whether we like it or not, they are growing a little bit more.


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