Ambrey Zubrowski


Sunflower Field Session

My anticipation grew as I slowly turned into the farm entrance and parked my car. After years of wanting to go to a sunflower field I finally got the chance! Looking across the sea of bright yellow sunflowers I had no idea how big the field would actually be! The flowers were huge, with some being way bigger than my head. There were several spots to enter into the maze so I could  scope out the best spot. The farm I visited also had a few pumpkins, mums, beef, eggs, and honey for sale. They had a food truck parked over on the side and they offered a hayride to all who were interested. I was told after I paid the entrance fee that I could pick out my own sunflower to take home with me, which I was excited about.

 The Scanlon family had arrived and I was so excited to have the opportunity to get some great family shots for them in the middle of this beautiful sunflower field. Their outfits worked so well together and their daughters dress incorporated both of the colors the parents were wearing.  Dannielle and Eric are wonderful parents to little Lyla and it was so sweet to see them interact with each other.  Lyla did a wonderful job and I was able to use one of her favorite toys, a silly, singing duck, to easily grab her attention. She enjoyed grabbing onto her Daddy’s hair and giving it a good yank.  The huge sunflowers towered over Lyla and she was intrigued by them. She reached out to touch them and to see what they felt like.  I loved seeing Lyla’s two little cute teeth as she giggled at her mommy and daddy.

This was such a fun session and I am so very excited to open up sunflower minis next season when they grow again. Stay tuned for that in 2021!  🙂


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